Reference Book of Lithuanian Musicians
From the beginning of the 16th century to 11 March, 1990
Part I: 1500 Lithuanian musicians

Author: Paulius Andriuškevičius
Format: 24×17 cm
Length: 192 pages
Cover: hardcover

This is an encyclopedic publication with the systematized information about almost all the most famous Lithuanian musicians, who were born or died in the period from the 16th century to 11 March, 1990. The book consists of 3 chapters, an appendix, an index of names and an index of places.

Chapter I. Birth and death dates of Lithuanian musicians

In this chapter, the dates of birth and death of Lithuanian musicians are listed in the chronological order - from the 16th century to 11 March, 1990. Next to the date - the name (s) and surname (s) of a musician, place of birth or death and occupation are provided. Chapter I is divided into smaller sections (e. g. 16th century, 1930s, 1961). In total - 1,500 birth dates and 417 death dates.

Chapter II. Calendar of Lithuanian Musicians’ Birthdays

In this chapter, birthdays of Lithuanian musicians are listed from the 1st of January to the 31st of December. 1,395 exact birth dates are known (of 1,500 musicians), i.e. year, month and day.

Chapter III. List of Lithuanian musicians by profession

In this chapter, all musicians are listed according to the occupation (e. g. singers, instrumentalists, composers, conductors, musicologists, ethnomusicologists, folk artists, musical instrument makers and directors). Each list contains musicians in alphabetical order. If a musician has several professions, they are included in several lists accordingly (e. g. Juozas Naujalis can be found in these sections: "Composers", "Organists", "Conductors").

Appendix. "Interesting statistics"

In this section, the reader is provided with a variety of systematized statistics (e.g. most popular names of musicians, most common birth dates, etc.).

Name Index contains the surnames of musicians in alphabetical order. If a musician has several surnames (e. g. Eglė Rukštelytė-Sundstrom), both of the surnames are listed separately in the index. It helps the reader to quickly find the right information about any Lithuanian musician.

Place Index contains all place names in alphabetical order (towns, districts, counties, provinces, states, countries etc.), where musicians where born or died. According to the index, the reader can find where a Lithuanian musician comes from (e. g. Skuodas, Chicago, Karaliaučius etc.).