24th of June – 4th of July, 2021

30th of June – 10th of July, 2022

29th of June – 9th of July, 2023

11th International Sacred Music Choir Festival & Competition

Laudate Dominum

24th of June – 4th of July, 2021
Vilnius and Trakai, Lithuania

The organizer “Gratulationes” is arranging the 11th International Choral Festival & Competition “Laudate Dominum” in Vilnius and Trakai, on the 24th of June – 4th of July, 2021. The festival is open for all choirs, both Lithuanian and foreign.

Short summary of the program:

  • 24th, 25th of June and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th of July – sacral music concerts in various churches and concert halls;
  • 27th of June – competition day (and 26th - if will be more participants).
  • Choirs have excursions in Vilnius and Trakai;

The applicants may choose (one or both options) to:

  • Prepare and deliver an individual concert (up to 25 minutes). Choirs, which will perform individually, must take into consideration the following requirements: all songs have to be carried out a cappella; songs are selected by the conductor of the choir.

  • Compete in the choir competition.
    Each choir can perform individually and/or participate in the competition. The competition will be organized if 5 or more choirs would participate.

About competition:

27th (and 26th) of June – competition days. Choirs participating in the competition perform three sacred songs (from your repertoire) and one obligatory song. The total length of three songs should not exceed 12 minutes. 4th song is obligatory. All songs have to be carried out a cappella. Рarticipants should provide the organizer with a list of four songs (name of the song and its author with full names).

Prizes for the winners:

The winners of Grand Prix, first, second and third places will receive certificates and special prizes;
For the best performance of the obligatory song choir will receive special prize and a certificate.

Obligatory songs:

For mixed choirs:

For female choirs:

For male choirs:


Depending on the choir’s type and posibilities, each participating choir must choose one song from these six compositions. But if you consider it too complicated, you can participate in competition in the category "Without obligatory song". In that case you will not be able to win award for the best obligatory song's performance.

Anthem of Festival:

All the participants must learn the anthem of the festival, which will be sung during the final concert and the awards.

The Jury:

  • Česlovas Radžiūnas
    Professor of Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre;
    Art leader of Choir of Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre.

  • Petras Bingelis
    Professor of Vytautas Magnus University;
    Art leader and main conductor of Kaunas State Choir.

  • Vaclovas Augustinas
    Professor of Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre;
    Art leader and main conductor of “Jauna muzika” Choir.

  • Jurijus Kalcas
    Professor of Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre;
    Composer of obligatory songs.

  • Rasa Gelgotienė
    Art leader and main conductor of choirs of Vilnius University.
    President of Lithuanian Choral Union.

Concert places:

  • Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Gedimino ave. 42;
  • Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, Gedimino ave. 3;
  • State Small Theatre of Vilnius, Gedimino ave. 22;
  • Vaidila Theatre, A. Jaksto str. 9;
  • Church of St. Casimir, Didzioji str. 34;
  • Church of St. Theresa, Ausros Vartu str. 14;
  • Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Antakalnio str. 1/1;
  • Church of St. Raphael the Archangel, Snipiskiu str. 1;
  • Church of St. Philip and St. Jacob, Vasario 16-osios str. 10;
  • Church of the Invention of the Holy Cross, Kalvariju str. 327;
  • Church of the Visitation of Virgin Mary, Birutes str. 5, Trakai.

Total cost for one person:

3 nights 4 nights 5 nights 6 nights
  23 - 27 of June 23 - 28 of June 23 - 29 of July
24 - 27 of June 24 - 28 of June 24 - 29 of June  
25 - 28 of June 25 - 29 of June    
1 - 4 of July 1 - 5 of July 30 of June - 5 of July  30 of June - 6 of July
2 - 5 of July 2 - 6 of July  1 - 6 of July  
135.00 € 180.00 € 225.00 € 270.00 €

The cost includes:

  • Accommodation in a 3-star hotel1;
  • Meals twice a day (breakfast and dinner);
  • One 2-hour guided excursion in Vilnius or Trakai2;
  • Participant fee.

1 The participants will be accommodated in 3-star hotels, in double standard rooms or apartments. Hotels are located in the centre, or near the centre (2-4 km).

2 We are offering two excursions:

  • Vilnius Old Town and the Centre on Foot. You will see the astonishing Old Town (UNESCO World Heritage site), many nice churches and other places of interest.
  • A guided trip to former capital of Lithuania – Trakai (30 km from Vilnius). You will see the beautiful town of Trakai and the amazing Trakai Castle. Entry fee - 8 € for adults, 4 € for students with ISIC.

The 1st of April, 2021 is the last day to apply.

Choirs must send their information via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (see Application Form).

Important deadlines:

  • 1st of April, 2021 – the last day to apply;
  • 2nd of April, 2021 – choirs will get a confirmation by e-mail including bank details;
  • Choirs are required to transfer 30% of the cost until 15th of April;
  • Choirs are required to transfer other 70% of the cost until 15th of May.


The organizer does not cover any of the travel costs.
The travelling costs must be covered by the participants.


If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.