In 2019 public enterprise "Gratulationes" is going to start publishing World Choir Encyclopedia. We are planning to publish 10 volumes. Each volume will contain 100-200 descriptions of choirs with color photos of choirs and conductors and information about choir festivals.

Information about the book:

  • Size: 280 mm x 210 mm;
  • Number of volumes: 10 or more;
  • Number of pages per volume: 220 – 300;
  • Number of pages per choir/festival: 1 - 3;
  • Number of copies per volume: 5000 or more;
  • Estimated price for one volume: 32-36 € + postal fee;
  • Language: English.

Information for the choirs

  • A membership in the World Choir Encyclopedia for the choirs is free.
  • Choirs which will participate in the international choir festivals-competitions "All Nations are Singing" and "Laudate Dominum" in 2019 and onwards will be automatically included in the encyclopedia and will receive a free copy of a volume.
  • Please fill in the application here

Information for the organizers of the choral festivals

  • The organizers of the choral festivals which wish to be included in the Encyclopedia will have to pay a membership fee of 100 € (~115 USD).
  • Please fill in the application here

Once the volume is published it will be possible to buy it online.